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Town of Bennett Postpones Bennett Days Fireworks Show

The Town of Bennett announced that they will be postponing the Bennett Days fireworks show due to the current fire restrictions in place. 

On August 20, Governor Jared Polis issued a state-wide fire ban for 30 days due to the high temperatures, dry conditions and high fire danger. These restrictions include fireworks. 

After consulting with the Bennett-Watkins Fire District, the Town has decided to postpone the Bennett Days fireworks show. This is necessary in order to comply with the executive order and keep residents and staff as safe as possible. 

Town of Bennett Seeking Applications for the Board of Trustees

The Town of Bennett Board of Trustees is seeking applications to fill a vacancy for a Trustee position on the Board. The position will be filled by appointment following the review of submitted applications and interviews. 

Persons interested in serving on the Board of Trustees may fill out an application online here. Applications must be returned by 5:00 p.m. on September 14th, 2020.  

Town of Bennett Approves Temporary Water Restrictions

The Town of Bennett Board of Trustees approved temporary mandatory residential and commercial water restrictions beginning August 26, 2020 until September 8, 2020.  

Due to an incident involving a recent power outage, some of the Town of Bennett water supply has been slightly interrupted. In order to alleviate pressure on the water system and to protect available and future water supply, the Board approved temporary water restrictions.

Governor Jared Polis Issues 30-Day State-Wide Fire Ban

Governor Jared Polis signed an Executive Order ordering temporary fire restrictions across the State to reduce the risk of new fires and protect health and safety.

All campfires, fireworks, and other open sources of ignition are prohibited. Home barbecues, public grills, camp stoves, and approved covered fire pits are permissible.

You can read the full Executive Order here:

Town Administrator, Trish Stiles, Credentialed by International Local Government Management Organization

Trish Stiles, Town of Bennett Town Administrator, recently received the Credentialed Manager designation from ICMA, the International City/County Management Association. Ms. Stiles is one of over 1,300 local government management professionals currently credentialed through the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program.