Business License

Businesses Licenses are required in the Town of Bennett. Every person shall obtain a business license from the Town before operating, conducting or carrying on any trade, profession or business within the Town. Applications for all licenses and permits required by any provision of this Code shall be made in writing to the Town Clerk. Each application shall state the name of the applicant, the permit or license desired, the location to be used, if any, the time covered and the fee to be paid.

For any further questions regarding Business Licenses please contact the office of Economic Development.

Fill out a business license application below or online here

Business License Application

  • Current Business Information
  • Hours of Operation
  • Business Contact Information
  • Other Licenses
  • Signature
  • Complete
License Fee: Payable to the Town of Bennett
Business Location Address (Cannot Accept PO Box)
Mailing Address (If different than location)
Business Location
You Business is Located in 
Date Business Started or Will Start in Bennett (MM/DD/YY)
Type of Busines
Describe The Nature of Business: Please Be Specific
Merchandise Question
Will the business display, sell or rent any merchandise or items which could be characterized as sexually oriented, including but not limited to sex toys/appliances, novelties, products or packaging which displays nudity or erotic or so called X-Rated videos/DVD’s?
Accounting Contact
Where are the Accounting Books and Records kept for this Business (If different from Business Location)

Having trouble filling out this application? Contact Lynette White at or download a printable version here. 

Business License Application