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Development Design Standards

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Development Design Guidelines

The intent of design guidelines is to aid in preserving and enhancing the overall community image as future development and redevelopment occurs. Guidelines are established to guide and direct future development in a way that preserves and reinforces the Town’s character and utilizes design principles that help create a healthy and livable community. Guidelines are intended for use by administrative officials of the Town and by Town boards and commissions, and may be a basis for approval or denial of building and land use applications. Guidelines are suggestions for future developers that illustrates the Town’s expectation for development, and the intention is to supplement and not to replace the land use code and engineering design standards elsewhere in Town ordinances and policies.

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Roadway Design & Construction Standards

Table of Contents - Town of Bennett Roadway Design and Construction Standards

Ch.   1 - General Provisions

Ch.   2 - Submittal Procedures

Ch.   3 - Submittal Requirements for Construction Plans

Ch.   4 - Roadway Design and Criteria

Ch.   5 - Pavement Design and Criteria

Ch.   6 - Bridges and Major Drainage Structures

Ch.   7 - Record Drawings

Ch.   8 - Roadway Construction Inspection, Safety Requirements and Materials Testing

Ch.   9 - Trench Backfill and Compaction

Ch. 10 - Permit Procedures and Requirements

Ch. 11 - Acceptance Procedures and Requirements

Ch. 12 - Utility Locations and Roadway Appurtenances

Ch. 13 - Access Requirements and Criteria

Ch. 14 - Public Improvements Cost Estimate

Ch. 15 - Private Roads

Ch. 16 - Forms

Ch. 17 - Appendix A Standard Plates

Water Utility Standards

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Storm Drainage Criteria Manual

Introduction - Storm Drainage Criteria

Ch. 1 - General Provisions

Ch. 2 - Submittal Requirements

Ch. 3 - Design Criteria

Ch. 4 - Runoff

Ch. 5 - Detention

Ch. 6 - Storm Sewers

Ch. 7 - Storm Sewer Inlets

Ch. 8 - Water Quality Enhancement

Ch. 9 - Erosion Control

Supplemental  Information

Determination of Storm Flows


  1. Legend
  2. Gutter Capacity Reduction Curves
  3. Combination Inlet - Type 13
  4. Curb Inlet - Type R
  5. Graded Inlet - Type C
  6. Headwalls for Pipe Culverts
  7. Pipe Installation in Trench
  8. Storm Sewer Manhole
Sanitary Sewer & Water System Design and Constructions Standards

Table of Contents - Sanitary Sewer & Water System Design and Construction Standards

Ch.   1 - General Provisions

Ch.   2 - Submittal Procedures

Ch.   3 - Submittal Requirements for Construction Plans

Ch.   4 - Site Preparation

Ch.   5 - Materials Testing, Handling & Installation

Ch.   6 - Water, Re-Use & Sewer Trench

Ch.   7 - Water

Ch. 7 - Addendum - Water

Ch.   8 - Re-Use System

Ch.   9 - Irrigation Systems

Ch. 10 - Sanitary Sewer

Ch. 11 - Wastewater Discharge Control

Ch. 12 - Lift and Pump Stations

Ch. 13 - Septic Systems

Ch. 14 - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA)

Development and Impact Fees

Development Fees

Permit Fees

SFE Calculator

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