Animal Control

The animal control division is responsible for the care and concern of animals in  the Town of Bennett. All dogs and cats require an animal license which can be obtained at Town Hall.

Deb Merkle New

Deb Merkle

Executive Enforcement Supervisor

(303)644-3249 ext. 1017

Additional Animal Control Contacts

Adams County Animal Control  (If you are unable to contact Bennett Animal Control) 

(303) 288-1535

Adams County Animal Shelter

(303) 288-3294

Outside Town Limits

Unincorporated Adams County  (303) 288-3294

Unincorporated Arapahoe County  (720) 874-6750

After Hours Emergencies:  911

Colorado Division of Wildlife: 

West side of Bennett  (303) 291-7137

East side of Bennett  (303) 291-7132

Animal Licensing

Did you know that it is illegal in the Town of Bennett to own a cat or a dog over 6 months of age without having it registered? Please be sure to bring in your registration form and proof of rabies vaccination from your veterinarian to Town Hall.


Printable Animal License Form

To report an animal control violation within the Town of Bennett, please fill out this form and return it or mail it to Town Hall, 207 Muegge Way

Animal Complaint Form

If any person or animal is bitten or attacked by another domestically owned animal, immediately call 911 for local law enforcement.


Spayed and Neutered Animals:  $10.00
Senior Citizens and Military receive a 50% discount on the license fees of spayed and neutered animals

Intact (un-spayed / un-neutered) animals:  $25.00

Replacement Tags: $5.00

Keeping Chickens/Ducks in the Town of Bennett

Sec. 7-7-35. Keeping of domestic chickens and ducks; quantity restricted; permit required.

"Keeping of Chickens and Ducks. Domestic chickens and ducks hens may be kept on single-family residential parcels, subject to obtaining a permit as required by subsection (c) and compliance with all of the requirements set forth in this Section. For purposes of this Section, a single-family residential lot is a lot or tract of land having as its sole primary use one detached single-family dwelling."

Keeping of Chickens/Ducks Permit Application

Download the Chicken/Duck Permit Application Here

Process for keeping Chickens/Ducks in the Town of Bennett

Download the checklist here

How to Take Care of Chickens at Home

Download the full PDF handout here

Duck Housing Management

Download the full PDF handout here

Beekeeping Permit



Local Ordinances

Domestic Animals

It is unlawful for any person to own more than a total of four (4) dogs or cats or a combination thereof within the Town, except for litters below the age of six (6) months. It is also unlawful for animals to run at large within the Town, whether on public property or uninvited on your neighbor's property. As a dog owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is not a nuisance barker that your neighbors must endure.


Prohibited Animals

It is unlawful for any person to own livestock within the Town, except in areas zoned agricultural.

Dog Barking Ordinance

Sec. 7-7-20 (g) It is unlawful to own any domestic animal which, by frequent, habitual or continued barking, yelping, or howling, meowing, squawking, clucking or otherwise, causes annoyance or disturbs the peace of a neighbor or people passing to and from upon the public streets or sidewalks, and the same is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and a violation of this Article. The Animal Control Officer shall have the authority to use all reasonable means to abate such public nuisance, including but not limited to, impoundment of the animal for a violation of this Section. The Animal Control Officer shall attempt to locate and notify an absent owner of such nuisance by any reasonable means as readily as possible. No summons and complaint shall be issued  nor shall there be a conviction for violation of the Section unless there are at least two (2) or complaining witnesses from separate households who have signed such complaint and have testified at trial if held.