Community Clean Up Day

Every year the Town of Bennett hosts a clean up event for residents to get rid of their green waste, electronic waste and other household goods. Clean Up Day is held at Alpine Waste East Regional Landfill. 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

8201 Schumaker Rd, Bennett, CO 80102

Large Dump Site

  • No paint, oil, chemicals, hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals, tires refrigerators or stoves. 

Green Waste Disposal

Electronic Recycling

  • No CRT/Tube, Flat Screen TV’s or any TV’s containing lead or mercury.

Paper Shredding
For the safety of the community and Town Staff, those who choose to participate in Community Clean Up Day will be asked to unload their own vehicles after arriving at Alpine East Regional Landfill. Measures will be taken to ensure social distancing guidelines are kept in place. We ask that those attending wear a mask or facial covering in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.
For paper shredding and electronic recycling, Data Destruction asks that you leave the material in your vehicle’s trunk and stay in your vehicle. Their technicians will then take your paper or electronics to be recycled. 

Alpine Waste &, Recycling, Town of Bennett Community Clean Up Day Disclaimers

Alpine Waste and Recycling and the Town of Bennett are not responsible for accidents or damage to vehicles while on the Alpine East Regional Landfill’s property.

When using the landfill, you assume and accept the risks that are associated with the use of it. In the event your vehicle should become impaired and in need of assistance, you assume all risks associated with employees helping, and indemnify Alpine Waste and Recycling and the Town of Bennett for any injury to persons or property damage resulting from the assistance.