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Liquor License

All provisions for liquor licensing is completed in accordance with state statutes and liquor laws shall apply to the issuance of said licenses within the Town. The Town Clerk receives all applications for licenses and shall issue all licenses granted by the Town upon payment of the required fees and approval by the local licensing authority. Additional information may be obtained from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

For more information about liquor licensing or obtain a Town of Bennett Liquor License application, please contact the office of the Town Clerk.  



Application Process

1. Application

All necessary forms and documents for the application process are listed below. Applications will not be considered unless all questions are fully answered. If a question is not applicable, write N/A.  If the answer is none, write none.  All supporting documents must be submitted and correspond exactly with the name of the applicant.  The required fees must be included with the application (refer to attached fee schedule). Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All documents must be fully executed showing required signature and dates. Items that are contingent upon receipt of the liquor license should include a contingency clause.

Ensure that you are thorough, complete and consistent in listing your criminal history. You may order a criminal history report for a small fee from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations website at Discrepancies found between your application materials and background checks performed by the Clerk will be included in the Clerk’s report to the Board of Trustees, the Local Licensing Authority, during the liquor license hearing.

The Town Clerk cannot provide legal advice. Please consult a private attorney for any legal questions regarding the application.

NOTE:  Changes in application information (i.e. changes in financial sources, corporate structure, any action taken by a law enforcement agency or litigation connected with the application) must be provided to the Town Clerk to update the information contained in the original application.

2. Background Check 

Fingerprints are required for each individual listed on the application. 

The Town Clerk will send your fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for a liquor license background check. 

3. Public Hearing 

The Board of Trustees serves as the Local Licensing Authority for the Town of Bennett. No less than 30 days after receipt of your entire application packet and completion of your background check, a public hearing will be scheduled during a regular Board Meeting. The Board of Trustees meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at Town Hall, 207 Muegge Way, or via Zoom link. You will be notified in advance if your public hearing will be online or at Town Hall. You must be present at the public hearing.

The purpose of the hearing is to determine the needs and desires of the neighborhood (the Town of Bennett) for your proposed liquor license. You do not need to bring any documentation to this meeting, however, there is an option for you to collect signatures of support from residents via a petition and to have interested parties give testimony at the hearing. Any survey petition must be submitted to the Town Clerk no later than 15 days prior to the hearing.

As the applicant you are required to post notice of the public hearing at your place of business no later than 10 days prior to the public hearing. The Town of Bennett will provide the posting to you. During this time the Town Clerk will be thoroughly investigating the information you have provided in your application. A written notice of the findings will be provided to you, and other interested parties, no less than five days before the scheduled public hearing.

4. License Approval

If the Board of Trustees approves your license it may be with several contingencies like issuance of a Business License from the Town Clerk, approval from the Town Building Department (if you have not completed construction of the liquor license premises), and approval from the Tri-County Health Department for establishments selling food. All of these contingencies must be met before the license can be approved and sent to the State.
5. State Licensing

Once the Local Licensing Authority approves your application, the Town Clerk will send your paperwork to the Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor Licensing Enforcement Division (unless you have paid the extra fee for a Concurrent Review in which case the Town Clerk will send your application to the State as soon as all the forms and fees have been submitted). After their review, the Division will send your approved Liquor License to the Town Clerk, who will make a copy and give you the original to post at your place of business.

6. License Renewal

Your license must be renewed annually. You will receive a letter in the mail from the Town Clerk outlining this procedure a few months before the renewal is due. 

7. License Changes

Any changes in the following must be reported to the Town Clerk’s office for consideration by both the local and state licensing authorities:

  • Change in corporate or trade name

  • Change in corporate partner, company member, board president, board members, or operating manager

  • Change in partnership

  • Change of location

  • Change or transfer of ownership

  • Change in limited liability director or stockholder

  • Modification of licensed premises.

Download the full application process here.