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The Town of Bennett recently implemented a new system for  processing Building Permits, Contractor Licensing and Planning Applications, such as Rezonings, Final Plats, Final Development Plans, Site Plans and Conditional Use Permits.  

You must first create an account. If you are an existing contractor please email to obtain an access code, this will allow you to link your existing license and permits to your portal.


Development, Impact and Permit Fees

Development and Impact Fees

Permit Fees

Infrastructure Permits

Permit fee- $1000.00 + Cost  (Cost explained below) Paid by "Cash" 115% Surety (paid via Letter of Credit or "Cash") 

  • Held by the Town until the project is complete and warranty period has expired 
  • Requires an approved cost estimate to be approved by the Town Engineer  
  • We then add 15% to the approved cost estimate  
  • Once Conditional Acceptance is granted, 100% will be returned to the payee or a release letter sent to the financial institution that provided the Letter of Credit
  • A standard warranty period of 2 years for all public improvements is required
  • When warranty period expires, and Final Acceptance is granted the remaining 15% will be released
2% Project Escrow 
  • Based off of the approved cost estimate
  • Must be paid in "cash"
  • Cost of inspections or additional review billed against this 2%


Grading Permits

Permit Fee per fee schedule:

  • Residential Lot (if required) $75.00
  • <1 acre                                  $250.00 
  • 1 acre to 5 acres                   $1,000.00
  • Greater than 5 acres             $1,750.00  

Surety in the amount of $3,000 per acre (min. of $5,000)

  • Can be a bond or cash
  • To be released returned upon acceptance of the work