Building Department

The Town of Bennett recently implemented a new system for issuing Building Permits. You must first create and account. Instructions for how to do so can be found here. If you are an existing contractor please email to obtain an access code, this will allow you to link your existing license and permits to your portal.

Building Permit Portal



Schedule Building Inspections by Calling 303-644-3249 ext.1034 or by emailing

Electrical Inspections are available Tuesdays - Fridays

Homeowners exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, headache or body aches, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea or loss of taste or smell should reschedule their home inspection.

Holiday Closures - No Building Inspections Performed

Building Permits

New construction permits requires an appointment. Please email for an appointment. 

Pay For My Permit

The Town of Bennett is pleased to offer a "One Stop" building permit for certain projects.

You can watch this video below to help determine if your project needs a permit. 

Homeowner Permit Information

If your project doesn't qualify for our "One Stop" permit, use one of the following permit forms:

Electrical License Contemporaneous Review Guidelines

You may print and complete all pages of the building permit application and return them to the Town of Bennett in person or by mail. You may also complete the electronic form and return by email.  Send the completed application to the Town of Bennett Building Department by:

A representative will process the application and notify you of the fee to be paid by cash, check or online with a credit card. Credit cards cannot be taken over the phone.

Once payment has been received, a receipt, permit and permit card will be completed and work may commence.

Failure to obtain a permit prior to beginning work will result in the permit fees doubling.

Bennett Fire Protection District Inspection

Bennett Fire Protection District will also inspect construction, by working with the Town  this will help ensure that builders have all the necessary information up front.

Please contact Bennett Fire Protection District at: (303) 644-3572

Permit Fee Information

Please see the Town of Bennett Schedule of Fees for typical fees associated with obtaining a building permit from the Town of Bennett. Please note, however, each project is specific and final fees are not determined until a complete building permit application has been submitted and reviewed by Town staff.

Typical taxes associated with building permits:

  • 2% Use Tax which is calculated based on half of the total valuation of the project
  • 0.25% Arapahoe County open space sales & use tax which is calculated based on half of the total valuation for the projects within Arapahoe County.

Many building permits require a detailed plan before your permit will be approved. We have some helpful guides to our most common building projects.


Garage Addition Enclosed Patio


Roof Patio Cover & Carport Solar (Photovoltaic) System 
Requirements Checklist

Moving and Demolition Information

State of Colorado Asbestos Notifications and Permits