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Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division’s work is focused on the Town of Bennett’s motto: “Building on the past... preparing for the future.” We support and promote development and redevelopment that enhances the community’s quality of life and assures a sustainable future. We strive to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare, while accommodating the rights of private property owners. Below you will find information about Planning, Zoning and Subdivision, Development Design Standards, Application Procedural Guides, Building, Code Enforcement and Economic Development.  




Great communities don’t just happen. They develop over time, rooted in the past and guided by a vision, a plan, goals, objectives, policies and actions.  The Town of Bennett Board of Trustees is forward-thinking and committed to responsible planning and development. Here are just a few of the key planning documents the Board has adopted that guide our decision-making:


Development Project Status Map

Bennett is committed to responsible planned development, economic vitality and the expansion of a healthy community. 

When it comes to new developments or projects in the Town of Bennett (residential or commercial) the conceptual development and design plans go through a multi-step process before anything is approved or work begins.

To see current projects that have been approved and are currently under construction, view our Development Project Status Map. 

Town of Bennett Development Project Status


Zoning and Subdivision

Our development review team uses several tools to implement the Comprehensive Plan and other plans and policies, primarily our Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, which are in Chapter 16 of our Municipal Code. You can find them here: