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Town of Bennett Introduces Residential Vibrancy Initiative (REVIVE) Reimbursement Grant

The Town of Bennett is excited to introduce REVIVE, the Bennett Residential Vibrancy Initiative. 

REVIVE is a grant program that may reimburse up to 90% of the costs of a qualifying project with $2,500 available per residence, per year. The intent of this program is to provide property owners with monetary support to improve and upgrade the outside of their homes, which will also improve the aesthetic environment of Bennett, meet code compliance and enhance the neighborhood and community as a whole.  

Governor Polis Extends Statewide Fire Ban

Governor Jared Polis extended a state-wide fire ban for an additional 30 days beginning October 6, 2020. The Executive Order includes temporary fire restrictions across the State to reduce the risk of new fires and protect health and safety.

All campfires, fireworks, and other open sources of ignition are prohibited. Home barbecues, public grills, camp stoves, and approved covered fire pits are permissible.

You can read the full Executive Order here:

Town of Bennett Announces 2020 Halloween Activities and Guidelines

The Town of Bennett is excited to announce Trunk-or-Treat is returning this year but with a different look as a drive-thru event. 

The event will take place on Thursday 29, 2020 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Civic Center.  Members of the public are asked to stay in their vehicles and drive through the Trunk-or-Treat trail to enjoy all the different decorated trunks. At the end of the trail, kids will receive a goody bag with Halloween candy and participants will also vote for their favorite decorated trunk. 

Town of Bennett to Begin Backfill and Paving of Skate Bowl in Trupp Park

Starting October 7, 2020, the Town of Bennett will begin to backfill the skate bowl in Trupp Park. 

The concrete skate bowl will be filled and paved over the top to make it a flat surface. Small amenities such as a shade structure and benches will be installed to provide a safe and comfortable area to watch the users of the skate and bike park. 

The Town will not be changing the construction of the ramp leading up to the skate bowl.

Larry Vittum Takes Oath to Serve as Trustee for the Town of Bennett

Larry Vittum was sworn in as a member of the Board of Trustees on Monday September 28, 2020 during a special meeting.

Vittum was one of four applicants interviewed for the Board of Trustees vacancy at the regular meeting on Tuesday September 22, 2020. After reviewing the submitted applications and interviews, the Board voted to appoint Vittum to the Board of Trustees.

As part of his duties as Trustee, Vittum will also serve as the Town’s representative for the Denver Regional Council of Governments.

Crack Sealing to Begin Throughout Bennett September 22, 2020

In order to maintain proper street conditions, the Town of Bennett Public Works Department will begin crack sealing roads throughout town on September 22, 2020.

The public works department is asking residents to park their vehicles off the streets during the time they are working on their roads. A tentative schedule of the road maintenance is listed below. This schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions.

Town of Bennett Postpones Bennett Days Fireworks Show

The Town of Bennett announced that they will be postponing the Bennett Days fireworks show due to the current fire restrictions in place. 

On August 20, Governor Jared Polis issued a state-wide fire ban for 30 days due to the high temperatures, dry conditions and high fire danger. These restrictions include fireworks. 

After consulting with the Bennett-Watkins Fire District, the Town has decided to postpone the Bennett Days fireworks show. This is necessary in order to comply with the executive order and keep residents and staff as safe as possible.