State of the Town

State of the Town 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 State of the Town. Every summer the Mayor of Bennett presents on the Town's projects, both past and present, to keep community stakeholders informed.

This year, the Town looked back on all the economic, residential and industrial growth that has taken place in Bennett recently. One of the most significant accomplishments was that the new Water Resource Recovery Facility came online. The Town of Bennett was able to replace the aerated lagoon wastewater plant with this state-of-the-art modern mechanical treatment facility. This allows the Town to meet current requirements and anticipated future requirements for a treated effluent discharge permit.

Another significant accomplishment the Town embarked on this past year was the development of the Capital Asset Inventory Master Plan (C.A.I.M.P). The Town initiated a utility master plan update in 2019 with a proposal to DOLA mineral impact fund. DOLA then encouraged the Town to become a pilot community for their fiscal sustainability program and expand the scope of the project to include all town assets. The Town envisions a dynamic Master Plan that is all encompassing with a framework in GIS. Some of the goals of the GIS platform are to capture the current asset inventory and assessment with improvement and replacement planning, to show growth projections with infrastructure planning as well as be deliverable in a format that is expandable, flexible and usable.

To learn more about the Town's current and future projects you can watch the State of the Town presentations here:

State of the Town 2019 Presentations

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