Town of Bennett Introduces Residential Vibrancy Initiative (REVIVE) Reimbursement Grant

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The Town of Bennett is excited to introduce REVIVE, the Bennett Residential Vibrancy Initiative. 

REVIVE is a grant program that may reimburse up to 90% of the costs of a qualifying project with $2,500 available per residence, per year. The intent of this program is to provide property owners with monetary support to improve and upgrade the outside of their homes, which will also improve the aesthetic environment of Bennett, meet code compliance and enhance the neighborhood and community as a whole.  

Some examples of eligible projects for the grant include tree-trimming and removal, painting of home exteriors, roof repair, exterior lighting, water-wise landscaping and more. 

A full list of eligible improvements can be found here.

The grant program is administered on a first-come, first-serve basis and is subject to annual Town funding. For 2020, the Board of Trustees have allocated $25,000 to the program. In order for a project to qualify for reimbursement, applicants must receive approval from the Town prior to beginning construction. 

Copies of the application are also available at Town Hall, 207 Muegge Way, Bennett CO, 80102.