Town of Bennett Board of Trustees Thank Phyllis Webb for Years of Service

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After three years of dedicated service to the Town of Bennett, Trustee Phyllis Webb will be resigning from her position on the Board of Trustees.  Webb was first appointed to the Town Board in March 2017. 

“We would like to thank Trustee Webb for her time on the Board and the unique and valued opinions she brought to the group,” said Town Administrator, Trish Stiles. 

Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Suzette Pulliam, also recently announced her resignation from the Planning and Zoning Commission. Pulliam has served on the commission since February 2019.

The Town Board of Trustees will discuss filling the vacancy during the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday August 11, 2020. 

More information on the Town of Bennett Board of Trustees and Planning and Zoning Commission can be found here.

Phyllis Webb Suzette Pulliam