Town Board Awards 2021 Bennett Gives Back Grant Recipients

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The Town Board of Trustees celebrated the recipients of the 2021 Bennett Gives Back grant in a ceremony on July 13, 2021. Seven organizations received funding for projects and resources following the Bennett Gives Back Advisory Board recommendation and Board of Trustees approval. The following groups were awarded the 2021 grant: 

  • Bennett Boy Scout Troop 30 – Replace Boy Scout Equipment and Storage
  • Bennett Fire Protection District – Bennett Fire Station 92 Personal Protective Equipment Washer
  • Bennett Imagination Library Program
  • Bennett Park and Recreation District – Pool Must Haves
  • Bennett Wrestling Club – Gear and Scales
  • Discovery Time Kids Early Learning Center – Water Mitigation and Beautification of Area Surrounding Discovery Time Kids Early Learning Center
  • Hearts, Hands and Hope Foundation – Continuous Support for Cancer Patients. 

The Town of Bennett, through the Bennett Gives Back Grant (BGB Grant), may provide a grant up to 90% of the costs of a qualifying event, project, program or activity in an amount up to $10,000 per organization per year from the Town’s general fund. The purpose of the program is for eligible organizations and special districts to obtain additional resources to help supplement services or resources provided to the residents of Bennett. Awarded funds will be disbursed to applicant based on Board discretion and project limits.